In our facility, 11 catering units await those who, in addition to bathing, want a special gastronomic journey. Just like the whole experience park, the gastronomy is also designed according to the themes.

One of the theme parks, for example, is based on the legend of Hany Istók, the little moorland man. The Alfréd Hajós monument building - successfully restored in the Pompeii red color of the 1930s - is home to the "Cute Hany Istók", which itself consists of two parts. On one side, we favor children and you will find everything that is sweet. In the pastry shop, we offer special ice creams made for the RQ Water Amusement Park, which our guests can only taste here.

In the other part of the pastry shop, there is the Vitamin C bar, named after Albert Szent Györgyi, the inventor of vitamin C. Here you can get freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices, smoothies and everything healthy.

The "Lápi konyha" (Moorland kitchen) is located on the upper terrace of the building, where, in addition to special dishes, we also have local specialties, such as the pickled fish from Szigetköz.

In the "Pasi Faloda" (Guys eatery), our guests with big appetites can enjoy a gastronomic journey with a variety of juicy, craft dishes.

But, of course, there will be no shortage of food that is customary on the beaches, so cooked corn, hake and langos will also be available in the "Minden is" (Everything) buffet.

The central restaurant is in the building of the old spa, where you can choose from a menu or a buffet during lunch. We don't forget the children either, whose favorite foods and flavors are prepared using the healthiest possible ingredients and procedures.

Don't forget about our unusual Streed Food cart, where our guests can choose between 2 soups and 2 ready-made meals every day.

And if we look at the drink selection, Japanese specialties cannot be left out of the Japanese-style sauna garden. On the Cocktail Terrace, where we serve guests with live music, a DJ and special cocktails all day long by the three-row panoramic pool that can accommodate five hundred people.

Opening hours