Bath tub

As a result, the surface blood vessels dilate, thereby increasing the blood flow in the skin and muscles on the surface of the body in contact with carbonic acid, the amount of blood flowing there increases, which changes the blood distribution of the body, which beneficially reduces the load on the heart, thereby improving its own blood supply. It lowers systolic blood pressure. It can have a good effect in chronic venous diseases, as it has a beneficial effect on venous capacity and venous return.

Mud pack

The heating effect of mud is similar to that of thermal water, only more intense. As a result of the heat, blood vessels dilate, circulation accelerates, which leads to an acceleration of metabolism, which in turn promotes and accelerates the clearing of harmful substances and crystals deposited in the joints. The mud treatment therefore plays an important role in the detoxification process. It is primarily used successfully for degenerative and wear-and-tear locomotor problems, during rehabilitation, after injuries and surgeries, and it also relieves muscle spasms.

Weight bath

As a result of the aging process, the gap in the joints decreases, so the joint surfaces come closer to each other, causing painful wear and tear. During the weight bath treatment, the joints are "pulled apart", so the joint surfaces are further apart, thereby reducing complaints. Since the traction is performed in water, it provides a more pleasant experience on the one hand, and on the other hand, it puts less strain on the treated body parts. Since the weight bath is performed in medicinal water, during one treatment we can actually enjoy the beneficial effects of both the weight bath and the medicinal water.

Tangentor (underwater jet massage)

The therapist massages the body surface to be treated with a jet of water: muscles, tissues, as a result of which blood flow improves and metabolism increases. It relaxes tight muscles, can also be used in case of joint ailments, post-surgery treatment, and to improve your condition.

Medical therapeutic massage

During the massage, the blood supply to the muscles and tissues improves, the metabolism increases, the release of waste products accelerates. The muscles relax and the feeling of fatigue decreases. It has a calming and relaxing effect on the nervous system, creating a pleasant feeling of well-being.