Within the spa area, in the catering units, payment can only be made with card and/or a money-filled bath watch.

Basic tickets

Valid for the spa and thermal sections, the swimming pool, and the slides. Except for the Sauna World.

TicketFull pricewith RQ Győr clubcard
Adult day ticket 6 900 HUF 5 500 HUF
Under 18 and retired 5 500 HUF 4 400 HUF
0-3 years old (registration ticket) 500 HUF 500 HUF
Family (2 adults + 1 under 18) 17 400 HUF -
Family supplement (all others under 18) 4 400 HUF -

Sauna world

To redeem a sauna ticket, you must have a valid spa ticket. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that the saunas are partially textile-free, and you can use the cabins with uncovered body and only with a sauna towel.

TicketFull price
Sauna Ticket (you must have a valid spa ticket) 3 000 HUF
Sauna Séance (1 time) 1 500 HUF
Sauna Séance (3 times) 4 000 HUF
Deposit of 2 sauna towels 4 000 HUF
RQ Rouge exclusive sauna (3 hours, max. 10 people)* 150 000 HUF

* The RQ Rouge exclusive sauna can be booked by appointment. The price includes the 3-hour venue rental, 3 sauna Séance with a sauna master and sauna towels.

* 2 sauna towels are provided free of charge each time you enter the sauna. The deposit is HUF 4,000, which will be refunded at the reception upon departure, if the towels are returned.

Afternoon tickets (after 16:00 pm from sunday till friday) except on public holidays. 

TicketFull price
Combined ticket (valid for all section in the bath, includes the sauna) 5 900 HUF
Combined ticket with 3 sauna seance 9 900 HUF
Wellness department (valid only wellness and thermal section ) 4 900 HUF
Sauna ticket (valid only for sauna) 4 900 HUF
Sauna ticket with 3 sauna seance  8 900 HUF

Swimming pool

Swim for your health! discounted ticketsFull Price
Adult day ticket 1 900 HUF
Under 18 and retired 1 500 HUF

Additional services

TicketFull price
Dressing closet free
Sun bed free (while supplies last)

Ticket prices are valid from February 05, 2024 until withdrawn!

Other informations