Sauna information

Go to the sauna with us this way!

  1. Sauna bathing is a program that provides an experiential recharge. Organize your time in such a way that you allow yourself about 1.5-3 hours. This includes time spent in the sauna, cooling down the body, rest periods and hydration.
  2. Before going in the sauna, shower thoroughly and then towel dry. Wipe off your make-up, do not use perfume, put your valuables (watch, jewellery) in a safe place.
  3. Take care of proper hydration and magnesium supplementation 24 hours before sauna, but don't eat for 1.5 - 2 hours, but don't sweat on an empty stomach. Do not drink alcohol before or during the sauna.
  4. It is unhealthy to wear a bathing suit in the sauna - your skin get damp underneath, the synthetic fiber bathing suit emits harmful substances at high temperatures, and is otherwise destroyed. Cover your body in the sauna with a sauna sheet, terrycloth towel or sauna cloth.
  5. Always leave your slippers in front of the sauna cabin, but do not block the entrance with them.
  6. Take a sheet to the sauna that is large enough to sit on and comfortably fits under your soles.
  7. When you enter the sauna, sit on the bench level where you can spend 8-12 minutes without moving. If you are a sauna beginner, look for the lower rows. During the sauna, relax, rest and be quiet. If you can, close your eyes and pay attention to yourself.
  8. Each round should not last more than 15 minutes, plan several rounds.
  9. If you feel that the sauna is enough or you don't feel well during the sauna, go outside and rest, you are not in a training camp!
  10. After the hot sauna, your body cools down. Get some fresh air if you can. Then start with a cold shower. Always start cooling on the parts of the body furthest from the heart! Step gradually into the cold plunge pools, take care of your heart!
  11. After sauna, hydrate (e.g. mineral water), eat some carbohydrates (e.g. fruit) and finally rest at least as much as you spent in the sauna.
  12. If you also stay in a hot water swimming pool during your relaxation, pay close attention to the appropriate rest periods and to replenishing fluids and carbohydrates.
  13. If you can, get a good massage after the sauna, as you are relaxed and the muscle tissues are warmed up.

+1 After sauna, avoid foods that burden your stomach and, if possible, alcohol. Eat a delicious salad, drink mineral water with a high mineral content.