In the adventure and thermal spa, which is open all year round, our old pools have also been renovated. The adventure pools have received a completely new cover and exterior, meanwhile the classic experience offer has not been compromised. In the adventure park, our guests can enjoy the familiar Water Bar slide and the Tower slide that curves into the outdoor experience pool. From the indoor wellness pool, you can reach the outdoor wellness pool through a water corridor, where various elements of experience enrich the relaxation spent here.

The adventure pool has a four-season, interactive and two-level children's section.

A separate pool area awaits the youngest (0-7 years). The shallower pool is for 0-3 year olds, the slightly deeper one for 3-7 year olds. With the design of the interior, we pay tribute to the memory of Zoltán Kodály, as the experience elements shape different musical instruments in the pools. The safety of the little ones was the number one consideration in the planning and design of all elements of the experience. The musical playground is located on the upper level, like a gallery, where children can play sounds on wall panel instruments. The indoor playground is completely covered, which also includes an outdoor area. In the children's section, a new musical note water slide provides an even greater experience for children.

Slide board