Thermal bath

The indoor and outdoor pools of the renovated thermal bath await guests who want to relax, which, in addition to recharging, also provide a solution for joints and rheumatic complaints.

Our 67°C qualified medicinal water, emerging from a depth of 2000 meters, offers the highest quality and efficiency. It contains alkaline bicarbonate and chloride, while due to its iodide content, it belongs to the group of iodine medicinal waters. This makes it an ideal solution for the treatment of wear and tear bone and joint diseases, chronic inflammatory joint and muscle disorders, as well as gynecological problems.

In Győr's spa pools, guests can truly enjoy the beneficial effects of unfiltered, undiluted, and not chemically treated water.

We also pay attention to the purity of the thermal water, as our natural cleaning system ensures that the healing water in the pools is always fresh and clean.

The pools of our RQ Thermal Spa can be visited by those over 14 years of age.

Medicinal water composition

ComponentQuantity (mg/l)
Potassium and sodium (K + Na) 648,8
Ammonium (NH) 7,2
Magnesium (Mg) 8,1
Chloride (Cl) 475,0
Fluoride (F) 1,15
Sulfide (S) 0,34
Metasilicic acid (H2SIO3) 60,84
Hydrogen ion concentration (pH) 8,04
Calcium (Ca) 8,7
Iron (Fe) 0,16
Iodide (I) 1,26
Hydrogen carbonate (HCO3) 951,6
Metaboric acid (HBO3) 3,00
Carbonic acid (CO2) 13,20

We inform our dear guests that the temperature of the pools may change according to the weather.