Water Adventure Park

Siphon Slide Tower

One of the main curiosities of our theme park is the soda siphon slide, which pays tribute to Ányos Jedlik. The siphon is a 32-meter slide tower, from which four different slides start from different heights. The two-person slide, for example, has a height difference of 18 meters, on the other slide you can reach such a speed that the centrifugal force maintains it during a 360-degree turn. We brought Europe's newest slide system to Győr (music, light effects in the slide).

On the double track competition slide, in addition to measuring the time, various touch elements and light signals contribute to achieving the top effect. For example, one of our slides can be enjoyed for a length of 195 meters, while our family slide, to which the rubber used for sliding is delivered by an automatic rubber transporter, can be enjoyed by up to 4 people. You can get to the top of the siphon slide with a panoramic elevator for 15 people, which offers a stunning view of the historic city of Győr. In the evenings, our guests can see light shows in the siphon tower, putting even more emphasis on Győr's newest beauty.

Slide board
Slide board
Slide board
Slide board

Madagascar slides

The most spectacular attraction is the jungle slide world intended for children, where climbing walls and slides made of various elements offer children a special experience.

Slide board

Spray Park and the forest playground

The 50-meter Cziráky pool has been replaced by Hungary's largest Spray Park, which evokes Hany Istók's bog boy empire, the Hanság area, at the confluence of the Mosoni-Danube and the Rába. There is, for example, an element that forms the mace crop of cattails, and there are several meters high marsh petals and dandelions. The little ones find themselves in a fairy tale world, where water spurts from the place of the characteristic flying hairy seeds of dandelions. Giant ants are crawling on the stems of the plants, butterflies are fluttering on the flowers, and of course we also sculpted the figure of Hany Istók. Children can feel as if they have fallen into the realm of giants.
In addition to the Spray Park, we welcome children with a forest playground, where they can try out various elements in addition to the sandpit.

Panoramic pool complex

The placement of the flood embankment made it possible for the amusement park to be built not only horizontally, but also vertically, and a spectacular three-level pool system was created. 500 people can use this connected pool system that opens from one another at the same time. The panoramic pools on the top level offer a great view of both the spa and the city. The middle pool is the terrace pool, and at the bottom is the lagoon pool with the largest capacity.

Ballpoint pen splash pad

In the children's experience pool for children aged 0-3, we pay tribute to the memory of László Bíró, the inventor of the ballpoint pen, with built-in ballpoint pen-shaped water pistols.

Hemisphere pool

Braver children will love the Hemisphere pool, where they can climb up and slide down the top of the sphere using a rope.


In addition to our cocktail specialties and DJ service, you can enjoy the Ibiza atmosphere in our seating pool for 32-36 people, where we will not prohibit taking unbreakable glasses into the pool either.