About us

In one of the most beautiful and frequented parts of downtown Győr, the peninsula at the junction of the Mosoni-Danube and the Rába is home to our facility boasting a wonderful view. It was already a popular bathing spot in the 1930s. The former beach spa was built in 1931 based on the plans of Alfréd Hajós, exploiting the features of the Győr spa, which was already known and loved in the Middle Ages. The RQ Aquatic Adventure Park and Spa in Győr is the world's first 7-star water adventure park, a spa complex offering full services.

In the 4,5 hectare area, we welcome all those who, in addition to bathing, want a special gastronomic journey with the most modern slide park in Hungary, the largest thematic spray park, 21 experience and therapeutic pools, an exclusive Japanese sauna world and 11 gastronomic catering units.


Until the opening, popular and well-known people personified a star of the sea every month. In December, the musician Ákos Dobrádi was the godparent of our first star, in January the second star was national swimmer Zsuzsa Jakabos, and in February the third star was Feró Nagy, the frontman of Beatrice, and professor Dr. András Csaba Dézsi. The fourth star in March goes to three elite athletes, national handball player Csenge Fodor, national basketball player Ágnes Török and national soccer player Dóra Süle, the fifth star in April to chef Gábor Krausz, and the sixth star in May to handball legend Anita Görbicz and her husband, footballer Ottó Vincze, and TV presenter Anita Köböl. The godparent of our seventh, and at the same time last, star is dr. Imre Csernus, well-known Hungarian psychiatrist.